Valmie was established to bring unmanned system software, hardware and cloud solutions to a range of industries around the globe. Valmie’s mission is to become one of the world’s leading sources of unmanned systems and related high tech equipment and services.

Valmie holds a 333 Exemption to operate unmanned aircraft within the U.S. National Airspace System and is authorized to conduct commercial operations. In addition, Valmie has teamed up with two leading edge tech companies, Vertitek and Aerolift eXpress, to offer businesses exceptional unmanned aerial services worldwide.

Valmie understands the critical role unmanned systems will play in the coming years, guarding countries, protecting life, providing valuable information and recording everything from sporting events to wildlife migration. Valmie is proud to be involved in this exciting industry that has so much to offer and holds the potential to impact and improve the lives of so many people.

Are You Ready for the Drone Revolution?

As a result of the exploding growth of this industry, a void exists between hobby and military level drones. Valmie helps fill this gap to meet specific commercial mission requirements. Drone systems are now available – and affordable – as a result of evolving micro-controller technologies and the universality of inexpensive, accurate sensors. Valmie leverages these technologies together with real-world engineering provide the consumer with superior value and functionality. Valmie’s innovative platforms enable customization to each company’s requirements by flawlessly linking software with airframes, sensors and payloads. Valmie can take a concept or preliminary design to production quickly and accurately, meeting total mission requirements.

Drones Make the World a Better Place

From transporting critical medical supplies to finding a missing child, drones have the capability to make the world better. This robust technology can also help companies perform better. We invite you to contact us to explore using drones to improve your business.

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Meet our CEO

Gerald B. Hammack

Gerald Hammack is responsible for executing Valmie’s company vision. He leads Valmie’s growth and client development efforts. His primary focus is to create partnerships that enable company expansion. Gerald draws on a depth of industry experience that spans more than 30 years in business management, information systems, accounting, training and technical support. Prior to joining Valmie, Gerald was a consultant and project manager for various organizations, providing customized programming and solutions using a wide variety of hardware/software platforms. His vast management and operational capability includes the areas of programming, system administration, and network engineering. His reputation for creativity, analytical skills and tireless attention to detail is well acknowledged. Gerald is recognized for his ability to define and address technical challenges, and develop and manage solutions that affect the bottom line.

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