Business applications for drones are quite literally taking off within a number of industries.The use of unmanned aerial systems in civilian airspace will have a huge economic impact, creating thousands of jobs for drone operators, data analysts, mechanics and others. The following industries are poised to change dramatically within the coming months through the incorporation of drone technology:

Offshore Oil and Gas

Whether searching for new petrochemicals reserves or maintaining asset integrity, Valmie is poised to meet the growing demand for for aerial data gathering and administration, along with unmanned vehicle transportation in the challenging offshore environment.

  • Unmanned transport
  • Asset and environmental surveying
  • Oil spill detection and damage assessment
  • Coastline monitoring
  • Sea ice monitoring
  • Terrain mapping

Onshore Oil and Gas

Risk and data administration are at the forefront of oil and gas exploration, as well as pipeline and rig management. Valmie’s systems have the capability of safely meeting the growing demand for unmanned system intelligence in the field.

  • Asset, environmental & wildlife surveying
  • Oil spill detection and damage assessment
  • Oil/Gas pipeline leak detection
  • Oil/Gas pipeline surveillance incident mapping
  • Facility security


Today, farmers use satellites, manned planes and walking the field to monitor crops. But these traditional methods are time consuming, inefficient and often inaccurate. Valmie’s technology helps the farm operator accomplish precision agriculture, increasing yield with less time and effort. Valmie’s UAV platforms are game changers because they allow farmers to collect and process data in real time, helping them make the best decisions for planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops.

  • Canopy profiling
  • Drainage estimates and topography
  • Identify pests, disease, weeds
  • Measure erosion channel width and depth
  • Count plants and determine population / spacing issues


Drones can access areas immediately after disasters strike. With Valmie’s customized systems that produce data on demand, underwriting and claims assessment can now be performed quickly, reliably and accurately. Unmanned aerial systems systems cover large areas and deploy immediately for requirements such as:

  • Natural disaster losses
  • Flood area monitoring
  • Review of crop destruction and harm to livestock
  • Damage assessment

Law Enforcement

When faced with potentially dangerous situations law enforcement needs as much information as possible in order to determine a course of action. Valmie’s aerial solutions can provide law enforcement with real-time situational awareness without putting anyone in harm’s way.

  • Search for suspects and missing persons
  • Standoff or hostage situation
  • Accident or crime scene investigation/documentation
  • Explosive and bomb disposal response
  • Narcotics investigation
  • Hazmat incidents
  • Crowd/riot control
  • Situational awareness

Search and Rescue

When a disaster or incident threatens lives and livelihoods, emergency responders require information and real-time imagery in order to make better decisions. Valmie’s solutions can provide situational awareness over a large area quickly, reducing the time and the number of searchers required to locate and rescue injured or lost people, greatly reducing the cost of search and rescue missions.

  • Search for suspects and missing persons
  • Search and recovery operations
  • Disaster and emergency response

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