Valmie Exploring Agricultural Drone Platform Development in Mexico

If you’ve been following our press releases, you’re aware that Valmie is exploring collaboration with a technology startup in Mexico, Drone Lab Mexico.  We are investigating this relationship for the purpose of sharing technologies to build specialized drone platforms for a variety of commercial uses.

Drone Lab Mexico is focused on the implementation of leading edge technology to meet needs in a variety of commercial spaces through design, development and customization of UAV’s.

In addition to the value that Drone Lab’s team brings to the table, the country offers a less restrictive setting that will allow Valmie to develop its drone technology in a more flexible environment.

With the majority of the commercial market for drones expected to grow in the direction of agriculture, our companies’ mutual interest in that area will result in a very productive relationship.  We look forward to developing platforms that will help farm operators on both sides of the border save money and conserve resources.

Interestingly, agriculture is a major user of ground and surface water, accounting for as much as 80 percent of our nation’s consumptive use! By gathering and analyzing data from drones, farmers will be able to determine what portions of their fields need irrigation for maximum conservation of water. 

We at Valmie are excited to be part of this valuable project and we invite you to check here often to learn more about our progress.